Strategic planning in healthcare has never been easier than with Carnahan Group, one of the top healthcare consultant firms located in Nashville, TN and Tampa, FL.

Whether you need a community health needs assessment, market share analysis or fair market valuation, you need more than a document. You need a strategic planning consulting team that will be there with you as you meet the demands of the healthcare industry’s legislation.

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“At Carnahan Group, we pride ourselves in helping healthcare organizations clarify needs. This provides our healthcare partners the ability to best fulfill the needs of the communities they serve.” – Christopher T. Carnahan, President, Carnahan Group



Community Health Needs Assessment, Strategic Planning in Healthcare and Consulting Services for Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, Law Firms and More

Experienced provider of community health needs assessments, Carnahan Group, is an independent and objective strategic healthcare consulting firm located in Nashville, TN and Tampa, FL serving communities across the U.S. such as Houston, TX, Orlando, FL, Atlanta, GA and others. Our focus is on the convergence of regulations and planning. We are trusted by healthcare systems as an industry leader in providing fair market valuations, community health needs assessments, medical staff demand analysis and strategic planning in healthcare. Our Nashville and Tampa professionals deliver value each and every time, as promised. Hospitals, physician practices, health systems, and law firms place their confidence in consulting health care services provided by Carnahan Group.

Strategic Planning for Healthcare Organizations

To determine the best strategic planning for healthcare organizations, Carnahan Group uses both qualitative and quantitative measures. We perform a rigorous analysis of overall market conditions to identify and help you develop growth opportunities for achievable results.

Community Health Needs Assessments by Carnahan Group

Our in-depth reports are not limited to numbers. Our dedicated team performs on-site visits, focus groups and interviews to provide hospitals and administration with realistic recommendations. Our Community Health Needs Assessments are not just based on what is needed to satisfy government requirements but is based on the what will benefit the community. At Carnahan Group we also hold quarterly webinars on how to conduct a community needs assessment.

More Than 20 Years of Experience in Strategic Healthcare Consulting

At Carnahan Group, we have more than 20 years of experience in strategic healthcare consulting. Our associates are members of AICPA and NACVA, and have served at some of the world’s largest healthcare systems including: HCA, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, and IASIS Healthcare. We also hold many degrees in professional designations including: Masters of Science, Masters of Public Health, Masters of Health Administration, and Masters in Accounting.

Contact our healthcare consulting firm in our Tampa, Florida office at 813.289.2588. We’ll be happy to help you.